Bilstein uses its OE-experience to offer state-of-the-art aftermarket spare parts

BILSTEIN B4 air suspension module.

The demands of customers are particularly high when it comes to the suspension of luxury vehicles such as the latest S-Class W223 or the BMW 7 Series G11: a premium segment saloon should be especially comfortable, yet still as dynamic as a sports car, and also extremely safe.
As an original equipment manufacturer, Bilstein says it makes this possible with active air suspension technologies, setting new benchmarks not only in the S-Class and BMW 7 Series, for this applies also to active conventional suspensions that can be found in almost any vehicle category today.

Premium dampers for active conventional suspensions
“Depending on the situation or the driver’s wishes, active suspension systems oscillate between dynamic and comfortable. This provides the perfect driving experience and safety,” Bilstein Academy Global Training Manager, Dimitris Kouvaras, said.
Garages that want to offer their customers’ aftermarket premium shock absorbers as replacements can fall back on the Bilstein B4 and B6 with the DampTronic add-on.
Bilstein says these replicate all the features of the OE shock absorbers and are just as easy to install according to the plug-and-play principle. For vehicles with air suspension, Bilstein also offers its B4 air suspension modules, explaining that unlike many remanufactured products, they continue to support active suspension control.
Bilstein says its B4 premium gas pressure shock absorber is 100 percent the same as the factory-fitted components in terms of quality and functionality. It says this applies to the actively controllable DampTronic variants just as much as to the basic product used for passive suspension systems.
People who have to master particularly tough everyday conditions with their vehicle or simply want to increase its performance can opt for the Bilstein B6 DampTronic.
Bilstein says it represents improved OE replacement in combination with active suspension systems, stating that going beyond the original, it offers a noticeable plus in safety and performance – without lowering or changing springs.
Its higher performance reserves are said to be particularly effective on poor or winding roads, in dynamic driving, in dangerous situations, when towing a trailer, when transporting external loads – such as bicycle racks or roof racks – and generally with heavily loaded vehicles.

Suspension setup of a Mercedes GLE.

Bilstein B4 air suspension modules
Bilstein says the B4 air suspension modules are the perfect alternative to original parts when repairing a defective air suspension.
It says that “as the only aftermarket option, they are completely brand-new, while remanufactured old parts include used shock absorbers with uncertain wear status.” In addition, it warns that manufacturers of remanufactured components often disable the electromagnetic control valve instead of replacing it, which turns a high-end system with active control into a passive one.
With Bilstein B4 air suspension modules or Bilstein B4 DampTronic and B6 DampTronic shock absorbers, on the other hand, Bilstein says cars drive like they did on day one.
It states that garages with little experience of active or air suspension systems not only get the right spare parts from Bilstein, but also a wealth of know-how – receiving support from the YouTube channel “BILSTEIN technical,” as well as valuable installation, diagnosis and repair tips on its website. In addition, workshops can contact the Technical Support at

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