Are you losing customers because you don’t have sales information at your fingertips?

Anyone who has run front of store sales knows the frustration of not having information at their fingertips when the customer asks.
Having to rush back to the computer to check on a stock enquiry risks frustration for the customer and your counter sales team while adding a barrier to the sale. 
In today’s ever-demanding world, having to wait for an answer results in your customers going elsewhere, which is why a modern, touch-enabled sales tool is a necessity, not a luxury. 
An efficient, streamlined device-agnostic tool allows your sales team to use a mobile device (or tablet) to provide a high level of customer service throughout the store, rather than needing to stop a sales conversation to get information. All of this adds up to improved customer satisfaction and providing real-time value for your customers is also great for your bottom line.  
By removing obstacles from the sales process, your sales team is free to do what they do best – sell. Allowing them to break free from the front counter means better engagement with customers, opening more opportunities for incremental sales. More effective and productive access to information and greater freedom to sell also reduces stress on your sales team and increases their morale. 
Markinson’s Front Office Sales is an efficient device-agnostic sales tool that provides immediate and accurate access to information on stock availability and movement, customer sales history and order status, meaning the entire transaction can be completed on the spot.  
The front of store sales tool you purchase must interact with back-end sales, inventory, and stock data because your sales team often require immediate and mobile access to inventory, price checks, supplier and purchase order data, sales processing functions, including quote recalls and pick up slips, POS cash receipts and credit notes. A solution that is too slow, inaccurate, or inefficient won’t cut it, and your customers will not be forgiving, warns Markinson.
Markinson encourages you to use the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo as a starting point for your research to improve customer service and productivity while streamlining your sales.
The Markinson team will be at Stand C29 and can introduce you to Momentum Pro and the Front Office Sales module and demonstrate its unique benefits.

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