A fuel injector bench cleaning machine could be a useful addition to the workshop

Profit dollars are as elusive as the rainbow pot of gold. It is difficult to earn and easy to lose – returns on investments are as important now as they have ever been and that’s where thinking outside of the square can really help, says Interequip.
Everybody is aware that vehicles and even some service items like cam belts need to be replaced at set intervals. However, few customers consider cleaning injectors as one of these items, but it is obviously very important, says Interequip.
Fuel additives are certainly an option and there is no shortage of products available. However Interequip notes that sometimes it is nice to be able to quantify how well something is cleaned and that’s where a fuel injector bench cleaning machine could be a useful addition to the workshop.
A bench cleaner could be used as the sole cleaner, or in addition to additives. There’s no better way of knowing whether the additives you’ve been selling are actually doing the job than testing them on the bench after being in use for a period of time.
A fuel injector clean at every cam belt replacement or cylinder head repair job couldn’t be considered as over selling. “Let’s face it, if the fuel companies themselves sell fuel that cleans your engine then they clearly admit there are pollutants in Australian fuels which need to be cleaned out,” says Interquip.
A bench clean of injectors every 100,000 kms could be considered a minimum service period, says Interequip, which states that a bench injector cleaning machine is a quantifiable cleaner.
Inspecting the injector spray pattern before and after as well as volume can produce some interesting results, it says, stating that the result can be measured and proven and the cleaning process is pretty much “set and forget” – simply fit the injectors to the machine and set the program of your choice and come back when its finished.
Interequip offers several cleaning machine options which offer automatic programs with varying revs and pulse widths along with LED back lit measuring vials, a touch screen and an ultra-sonic bath.

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