Powerful movers: Wayne Bryant and Amy Frangos hold new executive positions within GPC Asia Pacific

Movement has always fueled Wayne Bryant.
Horsepower on horseback was where Wayne launched his career, enjoying strong success as a jockey apprentice before pivoting with characteristic agility to join Repco as a delivery driver in 1989 – all without prior automotive background or experience.
Drive forward 33 years that have included relocations to three different states, six different cities, 18 roles within Repco Australia, a global financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, and in January 2022 Wayne was appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of GPC Asia Pacific’s Automotive Division.
For Wayne, making bold moves within Repco and GPC Asia Pacific has allowed him to work with different leaders, amass new skills and work in diverse role capacities all under one roof.
“GPC Asia Pacific has been a training ground for the industry,” Wayne said.
“Our brands are icons of our industry. When you don’t just turn up to work but show up and embrace learning as a continuous journey, you can really go places in GPC Asia Pacific.
“Many people within the wider industry have worked, learned and grown within GPC Asia Pacific at some point.
“Many others have stayed, grown and richly diversified their careers within the business itself. I am one of those people, myself.
“Our people have the unique ability to work, upskill and powerfully progress within our organisation with full support from leadership and team members.
“One of the key things I aim to achieve in my new role is to create an environment where people can come and thrive in their careers as I have done.
“Collectively, we aspire to make GPC Asia Pacific the industry employer of choice, retailer of choice and customer of choice within our supplier network.”

Wayne isn’t the only recent appointment GPC Asia Pacific has been proud to announce, with the company recently choosing Amy Frangos as its new EGM Automotive Division.
Amy started out her career in chemical engineering, before undertaking a transformative career redirection, going on to serve as management consultant with Inventium, EGM of Ryco Filters, Chief Disruptor for GUD Holdings Ltd and then eventually as Chief Strategy Officer for GPC Asia Pacific.
Her first marketing gig was typically high octane, with a focus on marketing transformation: Repco was naming sponsor for the 2020 Bathurst 1000 and Amy worked with a new creative agency on the major innovative and highly impactful Bringin’ The Bathurst campaign. Now, as the new EGM Automotive Division, Amy’s focus remains on continual transformation and greatness.
“My goal is to build GPC Asia Pacific as a business for the future. A sustainable business that can stand the test of time and is truly great. I’m looking to do this with great teams who love their job and feel empowered,” Amy said.

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