Analysing the past to predict what comes next

Imagine how easy business would be if you had a crystal ball and you knew what was going to happen tomorrow, next month, or in the next decade.
Imagine if you were a workshop owner and you knew what vehicles you were going to be working on in five years’ time.
Hence, you could plan what sort of equipment you needed to be investing in today. You could decide what sort of skills the technicians you employ tomorrow needed, or even better still, what skills you need your current staff to be retrained with.
While automotive data specialist company Blue Flag can’t offer you a crystal ball, it says its people can predict the future with a strong level of confidence. It states this is achieved by analysing data to accurately predict what the future will bring.
Blue Flag is an Australian Research and Software Development company specialising in business intelligence products and services for the Automotive Industry.

It says its diverse product and service offering empowers its clients with operational insights and market transparency to help them manage day-to-day operations and competitively grow market share.
“We are experts at predicting things,” said Matthew Farrell, who is the Head of Blue Flag Product and Sales Development and Co-Founder.
“Did you know, for example, that sales of the Tesla Model 3 last year outstripped all other manufacturers’ models in that vehicle segment?
“What does this mean? Well, if this trend continues – which is likely – in five to 10 years time there will be a lot more EVs coming into workshops for servicing than ICE vehicles in that vehicle category.”
Unlike figures supplied by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) Blue Flag’s data includes information on Tesla sales.
Businesses can access this data by purchasing a subscription to the Blue Flag portal, or by purchasing individual reports.
Blue Flag also offers an API so that data can be accessed by its clients’ internal systems and websites (see separate article in this issue of Aftermarket Magazine).
Blue Flag’s data products include vehicle identification; vehicle releases; vehicle desirability; vehicle pricing; and future market analysis (new car sales forecast) data.

For further information, visit www.blueflag.com.au