Some people will remember the days when, for the keen motorist, the dream holiday was towing a caravan up or down the coast or into the country

Vince Messetti of V&M Automotive, Gladesville NSW, fits and recommends Gabriel UltraPLUS in a recent customer’s Toyota Hilux.

The usual destination was a Caravan Park where some basic facilities and perhaps a spot of fishing would add up to ultimate relaxation and enjoyment to remember.
And what made it all happen was a faithful old Holden or Falcon – never mind if, due to poor preparation, some of these could be seen on the side of the road, bonnet up, steam hissing out of a blocked radiator or a burst hose or due to the old water pump not being up to the task.
Move forward some 20-30 years and to the Dual Cab 4×4 explosion – these are now the vehicles that can take people off-road, to places that were unreachable in the old days.
Apart from rugged vehicle design and construction, all kind of accessories such as exhaust snorkel, bull bars, power winches and more make it possible and safe to drive off road and places that, in the old days, were “off the map” for most motorists.
A part of the vehicle that plays a very important part in this kind of motoring is the suspension system, which needs to cope with severe off-road conditions as well as offer a comfortable ride on the motorways and around town.
This is where springs and shock absorbers are required to do the job.

Rugged, solid construction, 360 degrees arc welded mounts, heavy duty rubber bushings, large bore pistons, hi-tech seals, large fluid capacity cylinders and high temperature hydraulic oil are just some of the features that Gabriel reports it has built into its UltraPLUS 4×4 shock absorbers, making use of engineering know-how gained over more than 100 years in the shock absorber business.
Available for standard or lifted suspension, Gabriel says its UltraPLUS can claim to live up to the Gabriel – The Original shock absorber. It is available from Gabriel Distributors, leading Auto Parts Resellers and from Supercheap stores.

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