Its Buy Now Pay Later programs can help your customers beat the expense

Gains Plus was established when its founders recognised capturing all available sales is getting harder and harder for automotive businesses to do.
It says one of the key drivers in today’s market for this to occur is for automotive businesses to have a well serviced Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) program at their disposal.
After doing some research, Gains Plus says it noted that although there are other BNPL programs in the market space, “there were none that would guide your business through all the processes while also having exceptional rates like Gains Plus.”
Due to the success of Gains Plus within the industry in South Australia, it is now currently undergoing a national expansion.
Gains Plus says this means it will be now able to support the automotive industry nationwide to provide independent businesses a new and innovative way of converting every quote to a sale and helping automotive businesses capture every lead.
The company explains that its BNPL initiative has been built specifically for the automotive industry, allowing consumers the option to spread their spend over three, six, nine or 12 months, with up to $2,000 available for them to access with no interest ever.
Gains Plus says COVID-19 is highlighting the need for consumers to be able to “Beat the Expense with Common Sense” by using programs such as its offering to help balance their weekly budgeting.
According to Gains Plus, today eight percent of all customer to business transactions are going through a BNPL platform. Further, it says that in two years’ time this figure is projected to be over 22 percent. As such, Gains Plus urges you to not miss out, stating that businesses which have a program like what it offers on average increase transaction value by 30 percent.
The Gains Plus team says its BNPL platform is a great way to ensure every upsell is captured, and states that almost every automotive business it speaks with have been either losing revenue, holding back revenue, or reducing revenue due to customers not having the means to fund their purchase or repairs.
The Gains Plus BNPL program is aimed to assist businesses to increase quote to job conversions, provide a new avenue to direct more customers through the doors, and provide the opportunity to upsell at a low weekly cost to the consumer – plus your business is paid the very next business day directly into your bank account.
Gains Plus says it offers an exclusive support program offering full training, full marketing and full customer support, with all support offered free of charge.

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