Aeroflow Performance has a range of garage tools and equipment

Aeroflow manufactures a wide variety of performance products and says it has a great range of specialty motorsport tools and garage equipment, including the below listed products.
Vice jaws in aluminium or nylon protect your fittings and other fragile jobs that you don’t want marked by your vice; while aluminium shifters in different sizes are great for assembling fittings and other nuts and bolts that you don’t want to mark.
The tube straightening tool helps straighten and uncoil hard line, whether stainless steel or aluminium; and Aeroflow’s coil over adjuster tool helps you easily change the height of your coil over shocks to adjust your car’s ride height.
If you’re an engine builder, Aeroflow says its oil pump primer tool is a must to help you get oil pressure and it also manufactures an assortment of engine cradles to help you store and transport your engine, available for Chevys, LS engines, Fords and Holdens.
If you have a project or a race car, Aeroflow says its quick lift vehicle jacks are a must; lifting the wheels off the ground with a couple of pumps. And with one under all four wheels, the jacks provide the ability to maneuver the vehicle around the garage.
If you are working on an engine or just collecting them in the corner, an Aeroflow engine stand is for you. With three styles to choose from there is one for all types of engines from little four cylinders to blown big blocks.
To get the engine in and out of your car, Aeroflow has a heavy-duty two tonne engine crane which folds up for neat storage and is powder coated black.
Aeroflow also has Metric and Imperial thread identification kits which are very handy for matching up fittings in the workshop or garage and feature a male and female thread so you can ensure ordering the correct fittings for your plumbing requirements.
The Aeroflow cutting shears are great for cutting all styles of Aeroflow hose including braided and rubber. Aeroflow says they are a must if you are plumbing your car and give you that nice clean cut.
Further, Aeroflow says its Brake Flaring tool is the fastest way to get a professional single or double flare, every time. This easy to use flare tool comes with six assorted metric and imperial dies, including the popular 3/16” brake line which requires a double flare to meet ADR standards. This flaring tool produces convex and double flares to SAE and DIN standards in seconds while the smooth die does not mark the tubing. It also comes with an easy carry case.
Aeroflow also offers the Push Rod Length Checking Tool which it says makes it easy and cost-effective to lay out and establish the proper pushrod length during an engine rebuild – the correct pushrod length is critical in achieving proper valve train geometry.
There are also many more Aeroflow specialty tools for your garage and workshop, so Aeroflow distributor Rocket Industries encourages you to get your hands on the latest Aeroflow catalogue to check out the full range.
Rocket Industries is Australia’s largest distributor of Aeroflow performance products with a “massive” inventory in stock ready to ship.

You can check out the full range or grab a 600 page Rocket catalogue online at or call one of the friendly staff on 02 88251900.
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