The performance powerhouse has plenty going on as it looks forward to a promising 2021

The Garrett name ties back to turbo origins in the 1950s. At that time, entrepreneur and engineer Cliff Garrett led a project team to develop a turbocharger for a Caterpillar D9 crawler tractor, marking the beginning of the turbocharged era for the automotive industry.
Garrett technologies and innovations have been used by nearly every major global auto maker, resulting in approximately 100 million vehicles with its products and an average launch rate of 100 new applications annually spanning, gas, diesel, natural gas, electric and fuel cell powertrains.
Today, Garrett’s highly-engineered portfolio is rooted in more than 60-years of pioneering turbocharging systems with its innovations enabling its customers to set new benchmarks in vehicle performance while addressing evolving fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions regulations.

G30-G35 T3 stainless steel housing.

Garrett has recently extended its G30-G35 G Series Turbine Housing range, releasing further additional turbine housings for the G30 and G35 range of turbochargers to include the T3 inlet flange and V band outlet.
This expansion ensures more options are offered for the fitment and replacement of turbos.
Garrett explains that all of its Garrett turbochargers and turbine housings have passed a stringent quality design and testing to pass the highest standard in burst containment.
“This means in the event of a catastrophic failure, all the internal parts of the turbocharger stay contained in the turbocharger,” Garrett Advancing Motion Pacific General Manager, Aftermarket, Paul Carlsson, explained.
“This gives the performance vehicle driver peace of mind knowing that even with the turbocharger spinning at 200,000 rpm and vehicle speed at over 200km/h while suffering from a blown turbocharger, they will not have 800⁰C+ parts flying through the engine bay and/or externally to the car where they could cut fuel lines, or even worse, cause injury to the driver or spectators.”

G57-3000 Turbocharger

Garrett explains that its G series turbochargers feature the latest innovations in turbocharger technology.
Advanced compressor and turbine aero offer a range of high horsepower performance boosting solutions for 3.0L – 12.0L engine platforms while 88mm, 94mm, 98mm, 102mm and 106mm compressor inducer sizes produce up to 3000 horsepower for today’s top drag race teams.
“Garrett G57 turbochargers are engineered for extreme horsepower applications like Radial vs The World and X275 Drag Racing,” Paul said.
“A new high-flowing inconel turbine wheel and a one-piece aluminium centre housing set the G57 apart from its predecessor.”
Turbine Wheel
The newly engineered turbine wheel with optimised G Series aerodynamics reportedly increases flow up to 28 percent (Compared to GTX Gen II).
The large 90 trim turbine stage measures 118mm at the inducer and 112mm at the exducer.
The G57 is offered with three stainless steel V-band turbine housings in 1.09 A/R, 1.25 A/R, and 1.41 A/R.
Centre Housing
The one-piece aluminium centre housing reduces supercore weight, explains Garrett.
The centre housing is air cooled and features a 16mm dual ceramic ball bearing for premium rotor dynamics, and retains the oil inlet and outlet specifications from previous GTX designs.
Compressor Stage
Garrett G57 compressor stages are offered in 88mm, 94mm, 98mm, 102mm, and 106mm inducer sizes each with their own horsepower ratings indicated in the model name.
Key Features:
• Supports up to 3000 horsepower
• 88mm, 94mm, 98mm, 102mm, 106mm compressor options
• 118mm inducer turbine wheel
• 28 percent more turbine flow (compared to GTX)
• One-piece aluminium centre housing
• 16mm dual ceramic ball bearing cartridge
• Outline interchangeable with GTX Gen II turbos
• Super core and turbine kit sold individually

In addition to extensions to its product portfolio, Garrett has also been busy advancing its service delivery capabilities with the launch of a new, mobile, Performance and Training Centre.
The newly designed and customised trailer will mean Garrett can attend as many of Australia’s motorsport events as possible at just a moment’s notice.
“We took our time with the design and building of the trailer to make sure that everything was thought of,” Paul said.
“It was great to have it done while COVID-19 restrictions were in place, as we didn’t have to miss out on not using the customised trailer at any events.
“The trailer will be a great asset for not only attending performance shows but also in conducting our Installer Connect training in regional areas where we can just set up at any location and be able to deliver onsite training.
“Coupled to the trailer we have our customised PX3 Ford Ranger that will be used for constant testing of our soon to be released PowerMax Turbo upgrade and back to back testing of intercoolers against the Garrett direct drop in replacement.”

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