Garrett has launched an aftermaket mobile app

Garrett says its new aftermarket app, Garrett Connect, places technical information, expert insights, replacement technology and distributor communication at the fingertips of turbo technicians precisely when they need it.
Garrett Connect captures all the resources on Garrett’s Aftermarket website in one easy-to-use application, enabling garage customers and turbo technicians to instantly access diagnostic tools, training modules and more on their mobile devices.
Garrett says this will allow them to optimise the service they deliver to vehicle owners with mobile access to rapid step-by-step fault resolution, easy turbo identification by vehicle, and direct communication with distributors for fast replacements.
“The new app underlines the bond of trust that is central to Garrett’s support for the mechanic community,” Garrett Global Aftermarket President, Eric Fraysse, said.
“This bond starts with technology, with the peace of mind that comes from the certified quality, reliability and performance of original OE-specified turbochargers, but now we are going further.
“By placing expert diagnostics, product knowledge and multi-level training directly into the hands of technicians through Garrett Connect, we are helping them to boost their skill levels, speed up fault resolution and become ‘turbo heroes’ in the eyes of their colleagues and their customers.”
The app is available via the Apple App Store, Google Play or Huawei App Gallery and provides resources and functionality purpose-designed to make life easier for busy mechanics. The features include:

  • Turbo Diagnostics – a comprehensive step-by-step fault resolution guide, incorporating a dynamic diagnostic progress tracker, action recommendations, downloadable summary reports and signposting to replacement models.
  • Find a Turbo – a fast search facility across more than 6,000 part numbers by vehicle manufacturer, model, or part number.
  • Installer Connect – multi-level, interactive training modules for turbo technicians to boost knowledge, earn capability certificates and win customer recognition.
  • Push Notifications – automatic updates on products, news articles and industry events for mechanics.
  • Boost Advisor – a turbo matching service that crunches engine data and provides boosting system recommendations and ‘where to buy’ distributor details.

Garrett says the diagnostics resource is particularly valuable for mechanics because it offers three start points for fault finding, based on noise, leakage/smoke, or performance criteria. Each route takes technicians through a dynamic sequence of symptoms and points to recommended actions to resolve any flagged issues.
Each intervention can be tracked and saved at any stage of the diagnostic process, with an option to print a summary report. Where a replacement turbo is needed, the onboard searchable database query field can be auto populated using a mobile device generated nameplate scan, with mechanics then signposted to distributor contact information.
Garrett says the app also provides easy access to Garrett’s Aftermarket’s portfolio of 6,000 parts covering variable geometry, wastegate and two-stage boosting systems, including all major vehicle line-ups. It says this means there is a replacement turbo for just about every boosted vehicle dating back to 1968.
In line with its ‘peace of mind’ commitment, Garrett says all of its turbos meet the rigorous standards of auto makers, with each model manufactured and calibrated to original equipment specification and certified to perform reliably for three years or up to 150,000km. This is critical, given that some systems rotate at 300,000 rpm and operate in temperatures up to 1050°C.

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