Compact G-Series sets new standard

Garrett launched the latest of its innovative G-Series turbo range at SEMA earlier this month.
Garrett Pacific General Manager Aftermarket, Paul Carlsson, said he believes there is no better place to unveil new product than at the annual Las Vegas show.
“SEMA is a really good launching pad for new product. It’s all about getting to the end user and getting them familiar with the product,” Paul said.
“We are always looking at advancing out products every SEMA.”
He says the G-Series is a smaller unit, which makes it desirable in today’s market where under-bonnet space is at a premium, but it still produces plenty of horsepower.
“If you look at most engine bays everyone is running out of room and the turbo takes up so much space because of the pipe work, so people want something compact with power and they still want bang for their buck and that is what we are delivering with the new G-Series,” Paul said.
Last year Garrett launched its G25 external wastegate, whereas new for this year it unveiled its G42.
“It’s coming out in three ranges. We have the 1450Hp, the 1200Hp and the 1200Hp compact. The compact is a new design to fit in to more efficient places and that is exactly what the G-Series is all about,” Paul said.
“It’s a new configuration, with better aerodynamics, and made from different materials. It really is a clean sheet (of paper). You will see a lot more of the G-Series in the future because that is where the technology is heading and we are all about moving along with technology.”

Garrett also had its GTX47 Gen II and its GTX50 and GTX55 on its stand at the industry leading automotive carnival.
The company displayed a number of intercooler products for the Mustang, F150 and Subaru WRX, but the big crowd-pleaser was the S15 Nissan of YouTube sensation Adam “LZ” (Lizotte-Zeisler​).
“It really brought the crowd in. It has a good following on Youtube and it attracts the exact market that we are after,” Paul said.
“We want to make sure we are attracting the younger generation and the amount of people that came through and had a look at this vehicle was just amazing. This thing is just a piece of art!”
The S15 Nissan has a Garrett GTX3585 installed.

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