You want to keep your customers happy and keep their cars on the road

However, replacing one part of the serpentine, cooling, or timing systems isn’t enough and can result in unhappy customers returning with additional repairs sooner rather than later.
When you have a vehicle in your workshop, Gates Australia encourages you to be system smart and avoid comebacks by doing a complete repair.
The new ‘Protect The Ride’ campaign from Gates Australia focuses on this complete system repair message to ensure more profitable jobs for workshops and less customer comebacks.

Working on an Alternator?
Gates Australia says you can protect against a dead battery by ordering a belt, tensioner and pulley every time. It says that according to alternator manufacturers, up to 70 percent of the alternators that are returned to the factory are for a “no charge” situation and lack of belt tension was the main problem.

Working on an AC Compressor?
Gates Australia says you can protect against the heat by ordering a belt, tensioner and pulley every time, stating that a slipping belt reduces the performance of the compressor and creates heat for the compressor bearings.

Replacing a Serpentine Belt?
Gates Australia says that when it comes to replacing a Serpentine Belt, you should also order a tensioner and pulley every time. It says 99.8 percent of serpentine belts are forced to fail by another worn component and states here is no real test to know if the idler pulleys have enough grease or to make sure your tensioner is not wearing out. (Source: Reasons for replacement according to IMR INC. Automotive Research.)

Working on a Water Pump?
To protect against overheating, Gates Australia says that when working on a water pump, a belt, tensioner and pulley should also be ordered each time. It explains that a failed damper in the tensioner will transfer engine torsional vibration through the belt and into the water pump shaft, forcing premature failure of the bearings.

Working on a Radiator?
Gates Australia says you can protect against roadside breakdowns by ordering an upper and lower radiator hose every time you are working on a radiator. It says this will allow you to preempt your customers’ roadside breakdown from radiator hose failure.

150,000 kilometers? Replace today!
Gates Australia recommends that you protect against system failure by replacing belts and tensioners at 150,000kms every time. Failure modes are hard to determine, so it says you should go beyond visual inspection and base your replacement recommendations on mileage.
As part of the Protect Your Ride campaign Gates Australia has launched an overview of the program with a video on the importance of complete system maintenance targeted at the automotive consumer.
This video is available to view at
The second phase of the program is the launch of the ‘Protect The Ride’ cooling system maintenance campaign. A dedicated web page has been setup and includes a detailed training video around the importance of cooling system maintenance and around modular hoses.
Mechanics are encouraged to visit the page at
After watching the training video, mechanics can then complete the form on the page including a question relating to the video to go into the draw for a $500 EFTPOS/VISA card or a runners-up prize of one of fifty ‘Protect The Ride’ merchandise packs.
In the coming months Gates Australia will also release new components of the campaign covering the Accessory Belt Drive System (ABDS) and Synchronous Belt Drive System (SBDS).

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