Available for a complete system replacement

Gates Australia offers a range of Micro-V Kits to suit a wide range of applications, covering the most popular makes and models including European vehicles.
Flawless operation of the car’s accessory belt drive system depends on every component working as a team. If any component fails, the entire system breaks down resulting in costly repairs.
The multi-ribbed micro-v belt is an essential part of the engine. It powers belt driven accessories like the power steering, alternator and air-conditioning in most applications.
When it is time to replace the drive belt it pays to also replace the peripheral belt drive components including the tensioner and idler.
High under-bonnet temperatures plus constant flexing ultimately take their toll; over time even the best belt will wear and need replacement. But the other belt drive components don’t last forever either.
Belt tensioners and idler pulleys are wear parts, not hard parts. The wear of these components affects the belts, and subsequently, the complete system’s performance.
Putting a new belt on old peripheral belt drive components is never a good idea, says Gates. The new belt’s service life will be greatly reduced in doing so, it states, explaining the best long term solution is to replace all wear parts simultaneously.
Replacing all drive system components provides a range of benefits for automotive workshops.
First of all, replacing all components in the drive system will ensure your customer’s vehicle will get maximum service life and avoid the potential for premature failure of any one component with a potential roadside breakdown the result.
Secondly, replacing all parts in the drive system maximises profits for the workshop by replacing all components in one job rather than just a belt.
Gates says it promotes a ‘Be System Smart’ message which recommends inspecting accessory belt drive components at 100,000 kms and replacing all components by 150,000 kms to ensure you keep your customers on the road.
Gates states it makes drive system replacement easy with OE quality Micro-V Kits. Gates Micro-V Kits include the Micro-V belt/s, tensioner and idler pulleys required to overhaul the accessory belt drive system.
Gates Micro-V Kits are available now for popular applications including European vehicles.

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