Gates says these belts can handle more power “than any other belt on the market”

Gates’ RPM Micro-V belts have been specifically designed for high output and forced induction engines.
Many of the belts are reportedly crafted with a tough aramid cord which is five times stronger than steel, with Gates stating that there is no other belt built to take the punishment that forced induction and high output engines dish out.
Specially-engineered to deliver optimum boost from forced induction engines, RPM belts are said to feature the most advanced technology to reduce heat, noise, vibration and belt slip for “increased durability, improved power transmission and unsurpassed boost.”
Gates’ RPM belts feature an advanced, exact-fit and precision-ground belt profile with two layers of adhesion gum for maximum strength and durability. They also feature a high-modulus, low stretch aramid or polyester cord and nylon-fiber reinforced undercord for added strength. Further, Gates says all RPM belts follow strict dimensional specifications and these belts can handle more power and withstand more punishment “than any other belt on the market.”
Gates says these features are important in the performance car market as many of these applications have high under bonnet temperatures, tight spaces and high rpm engines often with turbocharged or supercharged configurations. As such, it says the added durability and performance of an RPM belt meets the requirement of these applications “like no product that has ever been developed.” Gates also notes that standard Micro-V belts are designed for standard OE belt replacement and are not designed for the rigors of a modified engine application.

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