Featuring Innovative AHD Technology

Whether it be a Heavy Truck, Mining Loader, Industrial or Construction vehicle, these can be some of the most difficult vehicles to operate safely.
Those behind the new Gator GT Series Range of ‘Enhanced Vision Systems’ says they give the driver vastly superior, all round vehicle awareness, making these vehicles safer not only for the driver but also the people around them.
With a much greater awareness of what surrounds the vehicle, the driver is more productive and is less likely to cause damage to the vehicle and/or objects around them. The Gator GT Series brings to market the very latest in “heavy duty” display panels, digital video encoding technology and installation versatility.
The Gator GT Series features a brighter LCD display, meaning that even on days with the cabin in full sunlight, you will still see the image better than ever before. With the introduction of AHD (high definition technology) in conjunction with advanced display panel technology, the Gator GT Series is said to offer industry leading picture detail with resolutions of up to 1080P available on wired systems and 1000 lines on wireless systems. Further, even Gator’s standard definition models are reported to have greater clarity, higher brightness and contrast ratios than ever before.

AHD Technology:
AHD (Analog High Definition) is a high definition video standard that uses analog coaxial cable to transmit HD video from cameras to monitors and DVRs. AHD supports 720P, 960P and 1080P HD video resolutions. AHD gives a superior image without the need to use expensive or fragile digital cables.

Industry leading Night Vision Technology with GT series advanced image processing:
Gator GT Series cameras, when matched to Gator GT Series monitor displays, offer a brighter more detailed picture in low light situations without a total reliance on infra-red LEDs that can distort the colour and contrast of the image. Using better sensors, coupled with digital signal light amplifying technology, the picture has less of the noise and blooming that has been the Achilles’ heel of previous generation systems.

Adaptive Cameras:
Even when used on third party screens, Gator GT series cameras are said to offer “best in class” picture quality including auto exposure, auto gain, white balance, and lens correction. All Gator GT Series cameras are rated to withstand 100 percent duty cycles, enabling them to be “on” all the time making them ideal for commercial applications.

GT Tough:
If you have a tough environment to conquer Gator GT series have the product to help you get the job done.
If water, dust and vibration are an issue the GT series monitors and cameras, with SMD PCB manufacturing technology, and up to IP 69 certification will survive the toughest of environmental challenges. Even the basic GT cameras have an IP rating of 68.
GT products are designed to last and Gator says it backs this with a three-year Warranty on all cameras and monitors against defectively manufactured components and equipment.
The Gator GT Series Range will launch in Australia and New Zealand in October 2017.

For more information please visit or contact TDJ Australia on 03 8587 8888.