A 4G LTE GPS Tracking System

If you are a 4×4 enthusiast, one of the biggest fears you probably have is losing your pride and joy.
There are plenty of options available to deter theft, including alarm systems and kill switches, but what happens when the thief bypasses these measures?
Once your vehicle is gone, often it is parted out and never to be seen again – this is why GPS Tracking Systems have become an extremely popular security choice for 4×4 owners.
GPS Trackers allow you to view exactly where your vehicle is, in real-time. They can also easily be hidden virtually anywhere in the vehicle, so if someone steals your vehicle they may never find where the tracker has been installed.
Gator has recently released the GTKPRO2, a 4G LTE Vehicle GPS Tracking System operating on an Australian Based Server.
The system comes supplied with a SIM Card operating on the Telstra 4G M2M Network and with 30 days of tracking included, providing extensive coverage throughout Australia.
The tracker also supports offline tracking, so if it loses 4G coverage it will save the GPS location data onto the module and upload it to the server once 4G coverage is re-established.
The GTKPRO2 has a number of features that will help prevent and alert you if someone is trying to steal your vehicle:
• Instant Vehicle Location Alerts: Geo-Fence Zones, Predetermined Routes and Places can be set up so you receive an automatic real-time alert when the vehicle enters/exits a zone, deviates off a route or arrives/leaves a pinpoint location.
• Tow-Away Detection: this feature will detect a sudden change in the vehicle angle while the ignition is off, for example, if the vehicle is being loaded onto a tow truck. The tracker will send an automatic alert to let you know the tow-away detection has been activated.
• Remote Ignition Disable: an immobilisation circuit can be connected to the ignition in the vehicle. This enables remote ignition cut off when the vehicle is not in motion (ie. parked) via the tracking portal or smartphone app.
• Battery Back Up: if the vehicle battery is disconnected this will prevent power going to the tracker. Fortunately, the GTKPRO2 has a built-in battery that will power the tracker for a short period of time so you can continue tracking its location.
Those behind the product say that tracking your vehicle with Gator couldn’t be easier thanks to the Advanced Web Portal and Smartphone App.
The Web Portal can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection and web browser, while the Smartphone App is available for iOS and Android Smartphones on the App Store and Play Store.

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