REDARC’s range of gauges can measure temperatures, pressures, voltages and current flow

When it comes to monitoring critical components like oil level and battery voltage, we rely heavily on warning devices to let us know when things have gone wrong.
However, aside from the engine temperature gauge, most vehicles give very little information about the vitals until the situation is critical.
When the oil level or pressure is too low, the transmission is overheating, or the exhaust gas temperature is too high, drivers are often finding out the hard way, which ultimately ends in an expensive trip to the mechanic.
REDARC says monitoring vitals in a vehicle is more than just useful, it’s critical, especially when your vehicle has been modified from standard.
Gauges not only provide you the peace of mind that all is fine, but when things are going wrong, you have all the information to help find a solution.
For example, when it comes to battery voltages, you can be at ease to see the vehicle charging system is performing as it should, as well as get an indication of the auxiliary battery’s health and maybe even the amount of power going into or out of it at any given time.
However, if you see the battery voltage is looking good but the fridge temp is on the rise, you will know to investigate the fridge and its connections. Or if your start battery voltage is dropping below 12V when the vehicle is off, it’s time to get your battery and charging system checked out.
Likewise, monitoring other vehicle system temperatures can allude to issues before they cause major damage.
Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) is directly related to combustion temperature within the engine and monitoring this gives you the heads up that you need to be backing off the loud pedal when things get too heated.
Along with EGT, boost pressure is commonly measured to identify when there is a leak in the intercooler or turbo plumbing, it may help you work out why your work horse feels more like a work pony.
Whether it’s monitoring the vitals for performance, reliability, or comfort, REDARC says its range of 52mm gauges not only measure temperatures, pressures, voltages and current flow, but the sleek pod style units enhance the look of vehicles.
You can even set them up to alarm and warn you when the measured factors are getting too extreme – before it’s too late.

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