The first of its kind in Australia

With any technology, the only constant is change and GCG Turbos says this is particularly true with turbochargers.
Today’s turbos are complex components with electronic controllers moving mechanical vanes with massive rotational speeds, lower tolerances and extreme heat range.
One of the largest and longest running turbo sales and repair companies in Australia, GCG Turbos has recently taken delivery of its new dynamic calibration machine at their Sydney Head Quarters.
“We constantly receive inquiries from workshops regarding proper calibration of Wastegate turbochargers, early VNT turbochargers as well as the most advanced turbochargers with electric actuator which require high-precision settings,” GCG Turbos Chief Executive Officer, Brett Lloyd, said.
“We offer flow bench calibration solutions for passenger cars, light- and heavy-duty truck turbochargers.”

The new dynamic calibration machine offers:
• First-class, Swiss made, industrial flow meters
• Turbocharger in-car orientation
• Static or dynamic turbine section mass flow measurement with rotor speed validation
• Pressure ratio measurement under load at high rotational speed
• Compressor section volume flow measurement and REA programming to ensure the proper calibration of Wastegate turbochargers and early VNT turbochargers, as well as the most advanced turbochargers with electric actuators which require high-precision settings.

GCG Turbos says you can choose the best process that fits your needs: turbo test; static turbine section mass flow measurement; or diagnostics and programming of electric actuator of passenger car and heavy-duty truck turbocharger.

The advantages of dynamic calibration of VNT turbochargers include:
• Dynamic calibration (the rotor is spinning) of variable geometry according to airflow— calibration of minimum, medium and maximum flow
• Compressor section performance test
• Turbocharger oil leakage test
• REA of Hella, Siemens testing and reprogramming
• Pneumatic and vacuum actuator test
• Position sensor test
• Turbocharger boost pressure ratio test.
• Real life spin test.
• Turbocharger rotational speed measurement
• Turbocharger air loss test

GCG Turbos new dynamic calibration machine has been validated by BorgWarner Turbo Systems.

For more information, visit www.gcg.com.au