Funk has established a reputation within the motorsport world

GCG Turbochargers is now distributing Funk Motorsport Heat Management products.
Funk’s on the ground experience from track days to drag strips, club race events to international race meetings have all served as key ingredients to developing new technological advancements for the automotive industry.
In the decade of operating, Funk says it has quickly sprung to the top, working with companies through the highest disciplines of motorsport including the World Rally Championship, Formula 2, British Touring Cars, Formula Drift and many more. Funk Motorsport products are also utilised by OEM manufacturers across the world.
From real experience it says it has produced high quality products tackling heat management and overcoming challenges faced on the track and road.
GCG Turbochargers says Funk’s products have a thick, four-layer construction that when put to the test do extremely well at withstanding and dramatically reducing temperatures.
It says this is because Funk has identified the primary issues of common turbo blankets being the breakdown of the thread fibres under extreme heat, leaving the panels of the blanket to separate.
Its research has reportedly led its team to design a unique thread for its product range which has proven to outlast all other brands; with the thread material durable and matching that of the rest of the blanket.
Funk Motorsport has developed individual turbo blankets for specific applications, while the generic T3/T4 blankets are the stable of the range, with many OE fitment applications available from Audi to VW and “all car makers in-between.”
Many commercial applications are also covered with turbo blankets for Holset/Garrett Motion and Borg Warner OEM turbochargers which can meet the current OH&S requirements for working in confined spaces like tunnel construction or specified job sites.
“We at GCG turbos regularly receive requests for custom built turbos for motor enthusiasts; elevating turbocharger performance specs to meet the power and air flow requirements to improve efficiency on the track and road,” GCG Turbochargers Australia Director, Brett Lloyd, said.
“Coupling our custom builds with a high-quality product like Funk is sure to be a threat to racers and practical and reliable for those performance daily drivers.”
Another industry leading innovation was the wastegate blanket, and while the turbocharger temperatures are controlled with a Funk Motorsport blanket, so now too are the smaller external wastegates used in many motorsports. Fitment is universal to wastegate size and covers 40mm -60mm applications from all aftermarket manufacturers.

For more information, visit www.GCG.com.au