The release of the new extraction sockets has reportedly been highly anticipated

Pro tool users do not like to be slowed down by anything, and that goes especially for old or worn fasteners.
Difficulty removing weathered, rounded, or damaged fasteners can keep mechanics from moving on to the next phase of a job, costing time and money.
GearWrench says its new Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets provide an uncommonly simple solution to the problem of stubborn fasteners.
“Tool users will tell you the thing they can’t stand the most is losing time when a tool can’t get the job done,” GearWrench Product Manager, Steven Tokouzis, said.
“If time lost is money lost, then time saved is money in your pocket, and that’s what the Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets are designed to do better than any other on the market.
“These sockets address the biggest needs out there while providing a level of durability not typically associated with extraction tools.”
GearWrench says the Bolt Biter’s superior design yields five major benefits as follows:
• The socket slides easily onto the rounded fastener with no hammering needed.
• “Minus-size” sockets designed to fit onto fasteners worn down past their original size.
• Once the fastener is removed, it disengages easily from the socket.
• The fastener is not destroyed during the process and can be re-installed, especially important if the fastener is a non-standard part.
• Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets have up to ten times the useable life of cutting-type extraction sockets, which quickly become dull and unusable.
Available in 8-, 15- or 28-piece sets, Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets can be used with an impact gun, ratchet, wrench, or pliers.

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