Helping to make the mechanic’s life easier

The new GearWrench electronic torque wrench allows mechanics to precisely tighten fasteners to the correct torque and angle as specified by the manufacturer. It also beeps, blinks and vibrates to alert the user that the torque setting has been met or is getting close to being met.
Setting units of measure on the GearWrench electronic torque wrench is as easy as pushing the “Uni” button. Five units of measurement are available: Nm, in./lbs., ft./lbs., Kgfm, and Kgfcm. Once the unit of measure is selected, the user holds down the up or down arrow until they reach the amount of torque desired.
Once the torque setting is entered, the LED display will show “0.00” and the user is ready to torque the fastener/s. As the user nears the desired torque setting, a red LED will begin to blink and an audible beep will begin. The closer you get to the setting, the more frequent the LED will blink and the audible beep will get faster. When 100 percent of the torque setting is reached, the beep will become constant, and the LED will be solid red. In addition, the handle will vibrate. Ten torque setting presets are available for frequently repeated applications.
Other key features include:
• Three function modes: peak torque, angle and peak angle
• Accurate in clockwise direction +/-2 percent and +/-3 percent in a counter-clockwise direction, from 20 percent to 100 percent of full scale
• Angle Accuracy (+/-1 percent of Reading) + (+/-1 degree @ angular velocity >10 degree/sec <180 degree/sec) + (+/-1 degree of test fixture)
• Meets or exceeds ASME B107.300
• Oil and solvent resistant
• 15 degree flex head for improved access
• Available in 3/8” and 1/2” drive
• 3/8” 10-100ft/lbs
• 1/2” 25-250 ft/lbs

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