With Bang Shift Pistol Grip OEM replacement shifter handles

Rocket Industries says the Bang Shift Attack OEM replacement billet shifter handles are perfect for those that want the race orientated look while still retaining the factory OEM automatic shifter assembly.
Further, the Rocket Industries team says the replacement handles are also perfect for people that have late model engine swaps in hot rods and muscle cars using the late model shifters.
This quick and easy to install handle will enhance any interior of the modern-day car without the hassle of a new shifter assembly, says Rocket Industries.
The pistol grip handle is a handy two-piece bolt together design that allows interchangeable billet side plates to be purchased separately.
Detent activation is controlled by a trigger lever mechanism that is pulled in towards the gear shifter handle to activate and control the lockout.
The Bang Shift Attack OEM replacement billet shifter handles are available to fit a variety of OEM automatic transmission shifter handles including VT -VF Commodore and Mustang, with a choice of either black or silver colour options.

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