With the latest jump starter from Kincrome

The Kincrome Power Pak Plus II Multi-Function Jump Starter (KP1406) is very similar to the Kincrome Power Pak II, however Kincrome says the Plus makes it “bigger and better.”
Holding almost twice as much power as the base Power Pak II, Kincrome says its Power Pak Plus II allows you to jump start larger vehicles, power your devices for longer, or give a significantly larger number of jump starts between recharges.
Kincrome says the Power Pak Plus features the same great accessories allowing the user to charge their electronic devices and now comes with a heavy-duty protective rubber cover.
The Power Pak Plus II is capable of jump starting up to V8 vehicles, both petrol and diesel (with a maximum cold crank amp output of 600CCA) and includes an LED light and an SOS safety illumination feature.
The Kincrome Power Pak Plus II also features “Intelli-check” jumper leads, which provide additional protection for both your vehicle’s electronic components and the jump-starter itself.

The Kincrome Power Pak is available to purchase online from