X-1R Engine Oil Treatment comes with a free Octane Booster

Burg Design – the exclusive Australian distributors of X-1R products – says that X-1R Performance Products have been developed, proven and used daily by the NASA Space Technology team.
Over 21 years ago, NASA faced a very serious situation and closure when the traction bearings in the Shuttle Crawler broke down.
Soon after, Burg Design explains the engineers and industrial chemists at NASA and the X-1R Corporation got together to see if they could develop a unique lubricating grease that could help resolve this major problem, and the rest is history – soon after NASA and the X-1R Corporation joined forces in the development of what Burg Design calls “the most technological and proven range of lubricants in the world.”
Burg Design says the program isn’t just useful when it comes to space exploration, with major vehicle makers such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and Proton using X-1R additives in engines and transmissions.
It says X-1R products are well known around the world as “the most tested and proven range of additives money can buy.”
To prove a point of how effective X-1R really is, Burg Design says it has now released a new trial pack of the famous Engine Treatment that includes a free bottle of Octane Booster.
It says when these two products are added to the engine oil and the petrol fuel tank you can not only hear the difference, but you can also actually feel the difference too with more power, reduced fuel consumption and a much quieter and smoother running engine. 
X-1R Products are on display at the Smithsonian Institute Hall of Fame Washington, DC, USA as well as the Kennedy Space Centre.

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