CCPG has been selling the DASCOOL and MAXCOOL brands since 1986. Being the first Australian after-market engine coolants, DASCOOL and MAXCOOL have been endorsed and used for line fill and after sales service by motor vehicle manufacture such as Holden, Hino, Hyundai, Hitachi, Isuzu and many more, says CCPG.
All DASCOOL and MAXCOOL extended long life engine coolants are 100 percent Advanced Organic Coolant Technology (AOCT). They are compatible with the some of the following specifications:
• Mercedes Benz Coolant: MB 325.3
• Jaguar Coolant: JLM20972-1
• Land Rover Coolant: STC50527, STC50529, STC50530
• Porsche Coolant: 000 043 203 78, 000 043 203 79, 000 043 300 31, 000 043 330 88
• Saab Coolant: 12799123, 12799124, 12346290
• Opel Coolant: GM 6277 M
• Ford of Europe Coolant: WSS M 97 B44D, MTU MTL 5048, B 040 1065
• Audi/Volkswagen VW TL 774 D. VW TL 774 F
DASCOOL has currently released its DASNERGIZER which is said to revitalise and extend the life of engine coolants.
It contains premium corrosion additives for optimal corrosion prevention for all metals and metal alloys including aluminium; doesn’t eat away at plastic and rubber components; and it’s suitable with all of the above specifications.
In addition, it is blended without the use of EG and it is eco-friendly, non-toxic and pet-friendly. CCPG says DASNERGIZER is an ideal product for high performance engines and racing applications and most of all it works without the need of nasty EG by simply mixing it with water only.

DASCOOL DASNERGIZER benefits include:
• Concentrated blend of premium, long-lasting organic inhibitors
• Extended engine life
• Protection against rust and corrosion
• Can be mixed with water only and without the need of toxic ethylene glycol (EG)
• Suitable for cars, 4WDs, bikes, commercial and heavy diesel vehicles
• Available in most colours
• Made in Australia

CCPG: more than 45 years of experience
CCPG says that with four and a half decades of automotive experience and knowledge, it has learned to carefully choose the brands it sells. Indeed, it states it does not sell hundreds of brands but only, a hand full of the best.
Its motto is to continue the same service, quality and a competitive price of Premium Brands such as the DASCOOL and MAXCOOL extended long life engine coolants and MAXFLOW filters.
For over 10 years the MAXFLOW filter brand is the only Australian brand of filters to be sold in Europe. CCPG says its comprehensive range of MAXFLOW filters are available in its warehouses to suit, from the old to the current models of Australian, European, Asian and USA vehicles.

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