IM Group says Dorman is changing the game with improved OE replacement parts

Growing a local foothold through IM Group, Dorman products offer a new aftermarket alternative for consumers.
Serving the US automotive aftermarket since 1918, IM Group says Dorman has grown to dominate automotive maintenance by releasing parts and components once exclusively available through OEMs. Today, it produces over 80,000 products for consumers, with numbers growing every year.

Unlocking ‘dealer only’ parts
Dorman’s approach is to offer an aftermarket alternative to products that have previously been ‘dealer only.’ It starts with getting access to warranty data from OEMs in the US, then creating aftermarket solutions for components that typically show up as warranty items.
Car manufacturers in the USA are mandated to make this information available. Australian product managers extensively evaluate products from US markets, then apply them to Australia’s needs before supplying the items here.
Dorman has delivered its products and repair solutions to Australia and New Zealand for the past five years. Sold exclusively by the Innovative Mechatronics Group (IM Group), thousands of these parts and components are now available to suit a wide range of global vehicles.

Not just replicated, but remodeled for the better
IM Group says Dorman’s aftermarket parts are proving to be an increasingly valuable part of the IM Group of brands.
It says what makes them truly unique is the fact that they’re designed to not only replicate the model, but to fix the issue that brought it to maintenance.
IM Group explains that the products are only manufactured based on issues with the OEM part or component. As a result, the design and build are reportedly improved for a better and longer lasting experience.
For example, a factory oil filter adaptor on certain vehicles will leak when the plastic material warps over time.
Dorman’s solution is an OE FIX oil filter housing made entirely of aluminum for durability. This premium product will be available soon to providers in Australia and New Zealand.

Products available to suit many vehicles
IM Group explains that the Dorman product range extends to passenger vehicles, diesel vehicles, and heavy-duty applications. It includes many sub-components to fix common OE faults, saving you and your customers valuable time and money.
The IM Group is the only authorised reseller of Dorman products in Australia and New Zealand. You can find Dorman products stocked at Repco, Burson, and a selected number of independent parts resellers.

For more information, please contact IM Group at 1300 308 050 (Australia), 0800 536 547 (New Zealand) or visit