By now, many technicians and workshops are performing diagnostics and/or programming in some form using a J2534 device

However, there are many still yet to take the step for their own various reasons.
Mount Auto Equip Services says to help transition into the world of J2534 without spending endless hours searching the internet for websites and processes, there are ways to speed up the steep learning curve.
Firstly, there is equipment required. It is recommended to be prepared with a quality, reliable vehicle voltage stabiliser.
This allows the technician to work on the electrical system of the vehicle for extended periods, knowing the voltage level or fluctuations were being controlled the entire time.
This is most important to have the control during module programming to ensure the transfer of data is occurring under managed conditions.
Mount Auto Equip Services recommends the Autoland PS-M2 vehicle power stabiliser. It says this reliable unit has recently been upgraded to support multiple voltage settings and the latest VRLA, GEL and AGM battery types.
Next a quality laptop with Windows operating system is to be considered. Before choosing a laptop, it is recommended to visit a few OEM websites of the vehicle manufacturers you wish to work on, and view their own system requirements such as Windows 10 64 bit for example, to perform diagnostics and flash programming.
Complying with the system requirements of the manufacturer could prove important if support from that OEM is required after a subscription is purchased.
Mount Auto Equip Services explains that a J2534 device or interface can be very different in their level of capabilities. It recommends the Drew Technologies Cardaq Plus 3 to be considered when getting started for a number of reasons.
It states that this device is the most capable J2534 device on the market and importantly fully supports SAE J2534-1 and J2534-2, CAN FD, 4 CAN channels, V05.00 APi and DOIP.
It says these specifications are what makes the difference between what you will/won’t be able to successfully perform via J2534, and will give you the confidence that the Cardaq will have the ability to perform the function at hand, and continue to into the future as the vehicle technology grows.
Mount Auto Equip Services encourages you to “go with the experts,” stating that Drew Technologies, in cooperation with the industry, “was instrumental in writing, creating and maintaining the J2534 industry standard.”
Upon purchasing a Cardaq Plus 3, it says you can then proceed to download the J2534 Toolbox software that comes with the device.
Mount Auto Equip Services says this Toolbox software is invaluable, and becomes your personal assistant to help you through the J2534 processes.
It states there is a large amount of very useful information including the OEM website links to access, walk through processes to download and install, step by step videos to follow, up to date announcements and OEM known current issues being handled.
This program is an excellent starting point for your personal journey into J2534, which is available free to download for any Drew Technologies device owner.

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