With the Trojan Boot Buddy

Easy to assemble, the Boot Buddy will remove dirt, sand, mud and clay before you step foot in your car.
Everyone has been a culprit of trudging mud into the car, pushing clay into the floor mats or even leaving fine grains of sand in the carpet.
Making it worse, the cleaning of caked in muck can be horrendous. The Trojan Boot Buddy eliminates the daily struggle of keeping the car interior clean.
No longer is there a need to smack shoes on the pavement, rub them through grass or even remove them before entering the vehicle, the Boot Buddy will shift even the most stubborn muck using the tough alloy scraper or thick bristles.
Constructed from black powder coated aluminium, the Boot Buddy is an easy DIY assembly, a few bolts and it’s done.
There is no need to remove your towball as it assembles around the existing mount and with the inclusion of the adapter plate means that it will fit most mounts on the market.
Perfect for the everyday tradie, four-wheel drive enthusiast or even the beach goer, the Trojan Boot Buddy is $69.99 and available through major automotive retailers.

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