REDARC’s RedVision Total Vehicle Management System

REDARC explains that its RedVision interface sets a new level of automation for caravan and 4WDs alike, allowing users to control and monitor multiple on-board devices no matter where they are.
With a range of inputs available, RedVision features three digital inputs that allow your customers to configure their system to switch output loads on and off automatically when triggered.
These inputs can be programmed to be triggered by the vehicle’s ignition, light or reverse signals.
Often utilised as a safety feature, they can be programmed to turn all loads off except a fridge when the vehicle ignition is on to avoid customers leaving camp with additional loads or lights left on.
Program your customer’s vehicle ignition to bring in and lock their electric awnings and steps to prevent them from being left out while the caravan is attached and running. You can even wire the system’s digital inputs to trigger with the customer’s vehicle lights to turn on additional rear facing lighting, allowing for enhanced visibility when reversing or illumination of spotlights when high beams are used to comply with spotlight wiring regulations.
Using the digital inputs can also increase safety, as you can utilise the vehicle on signal to lock out specific channels to prevent accessories accidently triggering when your customers are on route to a destination.
RedVision has been designed to work seamlessly with REDARC’s full suite of off-grid charging and power products.
With flexible hardware options, REDARC’s distribution box can be tucked into any available space in your customers setup.
These hardware options have been designed to used with the wired RedVision colour display or smartphone app, with REDARC stating that it is easier than ever for your customers to keep track of what their system is doing.
Made in Australia, REDARC explains the entire RedVision system is backed by its in-house customer and technical support and hassle-free warranty.
If you have any questions on wiring up your customer’s RedVision system, REDARC says it has a full team of Customer Service Technicians ready to take your call on 1300 REDARC (1300 733 272).
Operating Monday to Friday, from 6.00am to 6.00pm ACST, REDARC’s Technical Support Team are knowledgeable on all things REDARC and have an electronics or Auto electrical background.

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