Introducing Grypmat, the ‘ultimate’ workshop companion

A multi-purpose tool, the Grypmat is designed to keep your tools in place, no matter where you want to put them.
Made from a specifically formulated polymer-silicone blend, its high tech, high temp properties allow it to be used on a variety of work surfaces – even at extreme angles. Resistant to chemicals, versatile and easy to use, those behind the product say it comes with an “insane” grip that can hold tools on several work surfaces.
The brainchild of Tom Burden, an Air Force mechanic, this product came to be after he grew tired of having his tools slide off the aircraft during work. It took him three years to develop the Grypmat – a high performance, non-slip, non-magnetic rubber mat that helps to keep tools in place.
The Grypmat is available in three sizes – small, medium and large – and can be purchased individually or in a Tri Pack containing all three sizes. The large Grypmat is designed to protect your expensive scan tool from slipping off a fender or engine.
“From a vintage car fender to an aircraft cowling, Grypmat’s flexible material keeps your tools in-place on even the craziest of curves and surfaces,” Grypmat Australia and New Zealand distributor Managing Director, Grant Eveleigh, said.
“Gone also are the days of grabbing a tool here and grabbing a tool there. You can stop wasting time in-between your toolbox and your machine and save countless hours in your shop by bringing your tool mat with you to the job site.
“Every mechanical engineer has even dropped a tool or nut/bolt in the engine bay of a car and wasted significant time trying to find it/them again, but never again with Grypmat, you can get it done, and get it done right.”
Made of industrial strength silicon-polymer, every Grypmat reportedly withstands the harshest of scenarios from seriously corrosive chemicals (Skydrol, MEK, Hydraulic Fluid, etc) to temperatures in excess of 500ºF.
Grypmat has won a number of global awards since being released in 2017 as follows, and has also featured on the American Television Show ‘Shark Tank’ where it won the support and funding of Sir Richard Branson and two other prominent business mentors:
• Time Magazine – one of the top ten best innovations of 2018
• SEMA – Launch Pad Best New Product 2018
• SEMA – Gold Media Award 2018
• National Hardware Show – New Product World Winner 2018
• Edison Awards – Gold Winner 2018
• Good Guys – Best Product 2018
The Grypmat is now available in Australia and New Zealand through ‘Repco Auto Parts’ and distributed by ‘DU Distribution’.

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