New range launched by SuperCharge Batteries

SuperCharge Batteries says it is proud to introduce its new range of climate balanced batteries: the Gladiator range.
Gladiator’s design considers the extreme Australian weather conditions that prevail during the four seasons.
SuperCharge Batteries says while its GoldPlus, SilverPlus and Powerstation batteries continue to deliver superior power and durability, Gladiator is a premium option for those who are using their vehicle in the most demanding and toughest conditions that nature has to offer – from the hottest to the coldest.
It states Gladiator is equipped with features and internal components that consistently give high performance in response to the ever-changing operating conditions without compromising long lasting durability.
Gladiator uses low profile plates intended to optimise the acid to material ratio, helping prevent the battery from drying out.
For better durability by minimising grid growth and early failures due to shorts, the positive and negative grids are now fully framed.
Further, the lead connections and PE separators have been re-engineered for optimised capacity utilisation and durability.
SuperCharge Batteries also states that Gladiator, with its anti-sulfation enriched electrolyte, delivers faster recharge times giving the benefit of more starts.

Key features:

  1. Pro-frame: full framed grid design for both positive and negative plates for better durability and a plate design which has been upgraded utilising a double-sided pasting process to help improve capacity and performance.
  2. Dura-connectors: re-engineered lead connections are featured for a more efficient current flow, helping achieve maximum capacity and better durability. Also utilised are improved processes and design to deliver stronger plate assembly bonding for better vibration resistance.
  3. PE Ultra Separator: increased separator thickness and improved strength have resulted in better puncture resistance and durability.
  4. Electrolyte Plus: features an anti-sulfation enriched electrolyte to improve battery recharge ability for more starts.

For more information, contact SuperCharge Batteries on 1300 737 244 or visit