Part of ITW AAMTech, Tectaloy products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities

Tectaloy 60 Plus
When looking for a General-Purpose coolant for your older vehicle Tectaloy 60 Plus is the way to go, says Tectaloy.
A conventional pre-mixed radiator coolant designed for general purpose use, Tectaloy 60 Plus is specially formulated to protect against things like overheating, aluminum corrosion, general rust, heat transfer loss and rubber hose breakdown.
Tectaloy 60 Plus is designed to meet the demands of normal passenger vehicles under light to normal driving conditions.

Key features:
• Four Years or 120,000km
• -2°C Anti-Freeze Protection
• +122°C Anti Boil Protection 100 percent Corrosion Protection

Flush it out with MUKOWT
Tectaloy Mukowt is the ideal choice when you need to clean and pre-condition your cooling system before filling with conventional anti-freezes, coolants and inhibitors. It’s gentle acting alkaline solution is very effective at removing oil and sludge.

Key features:
• Alkaline based
• Assists in the removal of oil and sludge
• Gentle action alkaline solution
• Recommended between flushes to clean and pre-condition system

Tectaloy says this is the perfect choice when looking for a corrosion inhibitor.
It is specifically formulated using the latest inhibitor technology to provide optimum long-life corrosion protection to aluminium alloys and all other metals used in the modern cooling system.
XTRA Cool Gold is suitable for use in all vehicles not requiring anti-freeze protection, both petrol and diesel.

Stuck in an emergency?
If you’re stuck with a leaking cooling system, Tectaloy Stop Leak is what you need to get you out of an emergency, says the company.
Designed specifically to be compatible with the complete Tectaloy range of coolants and inhibitors. It will quickly seal leaks in radiators, heaters, thermostat housings, water pumps and is effective at controlling gasket seepage.

Key features:
• Seals leaks in the cooling system
• Effective at controlling gasket seepage
• Designed as a temporary repair (not intended as a permanent fix)
• Enables system to operate until repairs can be made
• Stop leak can be added to the existing radiator fluid and will take effect in a short period of running time

For more information, visit www.tectaloy.com.au