Get it right “first time, every time” with the Ravaglioli G7.340SCAN fully automatic wheel balancer

The Ravaglioli G7.340SCAN fully automatic wheel balancer available now from Alemlube is “the best thing to happen for wheel service professionals since the invention of the wheel,” says Alemlube.
Alemlube says we have all heard plenty of hype and spin on the virtues of many types of wheel balancers, but now when a decision is made to invest in the best, the choice is automatic.
The Ravaglioli G7.340SCAN does everything automatically: balancing programme selection, spoke count and the position of hidden weights and the interactive display intuitively guides technicians through the balancing procedures.
After lowering the hood, the sonar automatically detects the wheel dimension, a laser scans the rim profile, the position of weights is selected automatically and memorised and an automatic check of spoke quantity is performed to determine the proper positioning of the hidden weights.

Furthermore, the G7.340SCAN laser pointers increase accuracy of weight placement which reduces operator error, this will save valuable time by not having to do annoying re spins to validate the applied weights. The laser head option, where internal and external laser blades show the precise 12 o’clock position in dynamic mode, speed up knock-on wheel weight placement and improve the wheel balance.
Double LED lights fixed to the body of the balancer are aimed directly at the wheel being balanced to assist the user in keeping an eye on the precision process being performed.
Saving costs and increasing productivity is the name of the game these days. The G7.34SCAN plays a big part in making this happen in your workshop, says Alemlube, which states you can now improve a wheel’s balance, minimise weight usage and definitely maximise productivity with this fully automatic, heavy duty wheel balancer.
At the same time, Alemlube says that by using this product, productivity is also achieved by greater weight placement accuracy, therefore avoiding mistakes and reducing comebacks while the Eco weight feature helps in reducing costs by using less expensive wheel weights.

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