MechanicDesk can help

Many workshops nowadays still rely on paper-based management systems as they are viewed to be more reliable, more easily stored/retrieved and more trustworthy. However, paper does have its downsides:
• errors are harder to fix due to their static nature;
• their contents are more time consuming to transfer to/communicate with others resulting in lost time and money; and
• most paper is not environmentally friendly.
In light of this, the team at MechanicDesk say they hope to contribute a paperless alternative which will save you time and money.

Why go paperless? How do we do it?
Most workshop jobs are not static – the job requirements change over time. This does not work well with paper job cards – even moderate alterations frequently require reprinting. Financial documents such as invoices/bills, receipts, credit notes and so on may also suffer the same problem.
MechanicDesk says it brings electronic versions of these to the table. Now, documents can be edited in-place in the system so any errors can be corrected easily. The system offers much better flexibility and much easier sharing of documents.
For example:
• Mechanics can access/view their job requirements in realtime;
• Managers are able to maintain the most up-to-date overview of workshop operations;
• Different departments can inspect and work on the same document from any location, instantly, with realtime data;
• External customers/suppliers receive relevant documents in a matter of seconds instead of hours or days; and
• Inventory is now a piece of cake to track as all stock movements – from billing in to invoicing out- can be followed with ease.
MechanicDesk says it also makes it extremely easy to look up documents and retrieve information from the system. This is possible because links between records are automatically preserved, reducing the need to rely on long and hard to track reference numbers in paper-based systems.
In order to help completely replace paper, MechanicDesk says it also offers the ability to capture customer digital signatures and imprint them onto documents, all of which are in turn kept as immutable records. This makes records impossible to fake and accountability is maintained.

Paper is great – e-paper is greater!
Modern workshops expand their operations and scale beyond their physical borders to maintain their competitive edge and paper-based systems alone simply cannot keep up, says MechanicDesk.
MechanicDesk says it strives to offer you something better – the flexibility, speed and reliability of digital paper along with the support to match.

For more information, visit www.mechanicdesk.com.au