Bog Out recognised with Queensland Government grant

Bog Out is pleased to announce it has been awarded a significant grant by the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland.
“Ignite Ideas” has a progressive agenda to assist and drive bright and investable innovations within the state.
Bog Out is a new player with long experience in the 4×4 recovery gear sector and has invented a simple and effective solution to get vehicles out of bogs.
The company manufactures near headquarters in Cairns. Sales started strongly from the outset and have steadily increased as the business ‘learns the ropes’, it said.
At Bog Out’s core is the principle that all vehicles already have massive winches on them, their wheels. They can easily be used forward and reverse, so why not use them, it asks.
The device itself is basically a very strong and inexpensive rope and web harness that can be attached – one end to the bogged wheel and the other to an anchor point. The user then simply drives out of trouble.
Bog Out says the product has the potential to be the ‘next big thing’ in the lucrative vehicle aftermarket industry and invites interested parties to “give them a call.”
“Aussie products are known around the world for their rugged simplicity and Bog Out is no exception,” Bog Out Managing Director and Inventor, Paul Aubin, said.
“They are lightweight and compact and reduce the strains on the recovery process because the effort is at the bottom of the tyre, exactly where it should be.”
“The low tow point provides the maximum of efficiency therefore reducing the load required to move the vehicle.
“This provides significant safety and reliability benefits to recreational users. In addition, corporate and industrial government agencies also are recognising the potential for OH&S and time efficiency improvements.
“Every vehicle that goes off-road should have them. Bog Out, don’t go without!”
Retailing at $159 for a single kit and $279 for a twin pack and with new products in the pipeline, Bog Out invites distributors and interested parties to contact Bog Out Head Quarters on 0407 673 561.

For more information, visit or 1300 264 688.