From Nolathane

Whilst modern 4WDs have improved, there is still an underlying compromise between ride, handling and traction both on and off-road.
Due to the current trend of lifting vehicles, Nolathane says the shackles and fixed pins are often overlooked when upgrading and therefore result in negative effects.
It says original shackles and fixed pins corrode and destroy the bushings, and it is the leaf spring bushings that stabilise the movement of the rear axle.
Nolathane explains worn or inferior bushes will cause the solid rear axle to move and impart rear end passive steer to the vehicle, leading to the vehicle ‘wandering’ and being unstable under heavy braking. High kilometres and heavy load carrying also causes excessive wear on rubber bushings.
Nolathane says its new greaseable shackle kits are an all-in-one purpose service kit which are a crucial item for any leaf sprung vehicle, lifted or not.
Nolathane states its signature red bushings are made tough and offer outstanding abrasion resistance, high load bearing capability, flexibility, increased tensile strength and chemical resistance to oil, grease, ozone and weathering.
It says they also deliver the added benefit of synchronising your suspension system for optimal safety, handling and performance. Nolathane says they are the most positive link between your vehicle and its springs, shocks and other suspension components; unlike soft rubber bushings, which it says distort under braking, cornering or when towing loads.
Nolathane explains its polyurethane bushings maintain alignment settings and offer complete reliability.
By fitting the complete package of Nolathane greaseable shackles, fixed pins and bushing kit, Nolathane says the rear end of any 4WD will handle just about anything thrown at it.

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