The 250 Series is designed to give improved visibility

Great Whites has been helping to light Australian highways and 4WD tracks for nearly 10 years. Now it is introducing its biggest light yet—the 250 Series.
This round LED driving light has an impressive 250mm face. It’s been designed to provide more light and improved visibility in poor weather conditions, which means increased safety for long-haul truck drivers.
Great Whites pointed out recent reports that have found that 38 percent of all fatal accidents occur at night and 14.6 percent of all road crash deaths involve articulated trucks or heavy rigid trucks.
Visibility is one of the most important factors in keeping drivers safe. As an added safety feature, Great Whites has included an integrated amber bar and lights to help drivers see in poor conditions such as fog, dust and even grain on farms. This is the first Great Whites light to include this feature.
“The 250 Series is designed to take pride of place on the country’s biggest vehicles, improving visibility in all conditions and lighting over 1km ahead with each pair,” says Luke Bolton, Merchandise Manager – Lighting.
“These larger faced lights will reduce the need for so many forward-facing lights on trucks, with fewer, high powered driving lights doing the trick. Best of all, they don’t look out of place in front of huge radiators and chunky bull bars.”
Each 250 Series light holds 24 high-powered LEDS capable of operating in both 12 and 24V vehicles. This light has 10,300 effective white lumens and 700 effective amber lumens. It can be purchased in a black or alloy finish to match with your vehicle.
Lighting Product Manager, Barry Lillis, puts an emphasis on quality when it comes to driving lights. “There are much cheaper lights on the market, but they’re cheaper for a reason. When your livelihood depends on those lights working, they’re nothing you should scrape on,” he said.
The 250 Series is included in the Great Whites Attack range along with the 170 Series, 220 Series and Bars to meet the lighting needs of long-haul truck drivers. Great Whites also offers a three-year warranty on every light in its Attack range.

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