Empowering technicians with essential electrical safety solutions for working on EVs and hybrid vehicles

As the automotive industry undergoes a profound shift towards electrification, ensuring safety in handling electric and hybrid vehicles (EVs and HVs) becomes increasingly paramount.
Answering this critical need, GTX Trading proudly introduces its latest innovation: the EV and HV Service Safety Kits, carefully assembled to safeguard technicians and workers operating in the electrified automotive landscape.
At the heart of these kits lies specialised gloves sourced from Novax International, which according to GTX Trading are esteemed for their outstanding insulation properties.
Featuring rubber gloves insulated up to 1000V, leather protector gloves, and glove liners, these accessories offer unparalleled protection against electrical hazards, all while maintaining dexterity and comfort, says GTX Trading.
Complimenting the gloves are the CAT-rated insulated voltage tester and digital clamp meter, allowing technicians to accurately measure voltage and current levels.
This capability ensures both safe working conditions and precise troubleshooting in EV and HV systems, enhancing overall operational safety.
Furthermore, the inclusion of 1000V-rated insulated flat head screwdrivers and cable cutters completes the toolkit, providing technicians with the confidence and precision needed to conduct maintenance and repairs effectively.
According to the company, GTX Trading’s EV and HV Service Safety Kits represent a significant commitment to innovation and safety standards, providing a comprehensive suite of equipment and tools tailored to meet the unique challenges posed by electric and hybrid vehicles.
Whether you’re an experienced technician servicing EVs or an emergency responder tasked with handling electrical incidents, GTX Trading says these kits are indispensable for ensuring safety and operational efficiency in every task.
GTX Trading claims that with its commitment to innovation and safety, the electrified automotive future is not only within reach but also safer than ever before. It says trust in GTX Trading’s EV and HV Service Safety Kits will pave the way towards a sustainable and secure automotive landscape.

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