CoolDrive Auto Parts’ comprehensive range of workshop tools and equipment has once again expanded

The company has been appointed as the official importer of GYS Battery Charger/Battery Support Units and Powerduction Induction Heat Tool products into Australia. 
The GYS Flash Battery Support Units (BSUs) are ideal for stabilising the vehicle’s battery power, providing energy when the engine is turned off. This is critical during the diagnostic phase, when diagnostic work is being carried out, or even for the showroom demonstration of vehicles. 
Additional advantages of the GYS Flash BSU include charging times twice as fast than traditional chargers, allowing for showroom power supply without a battery fitted to the vehicle, and providing continuous power supply when fitting new batteries without risking vehicle memories.
With multiple configurations available to support a wide array of customer needs, the GYS Flash BSU gives peace of mind. 
Meanwhile, the Powerduction Induction Heating Systems heat the core of metalwork in a fraction of a second, making the units ideal for mechanical engineering, car bodywork or general maintenance, all without affecting nearby rubber or plastic components.
The precision targeting of the system is ideal for releasing or disassembling a range of items, such as steering rods, ball joints, brake discs and hoses, exhaust manifold flanges and pipes, shock absorber nuts, thread-locked screws, bolts and more. 
The system is also ideal for straightening bent chassis’ in repair shops, while in general industry it has found favour annealing metal parts, heating to bend, brazing and pre-heating. 
Powerduction is available in various power levels, making it ideal for many different environments.
“Over the past 57 years from its base in France, GYS has grown a reputation as a reliable workshop partner, with many car manufacturers worldwide recommending, or partnering with GYS for its products for use in dealerships, including the Volkswagen Group, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo, amongst many,” CoolDrive Auto Parts Category Manager – Tools and Equipment, Matthew Douglass, said. 
“We welcome GYS aboard, with its products complementing the broad offering we now bring to the Australian and New Zealand markets.” 
One of the newest products made available globally by GYS is the GYS Flash 125.12 CNT Battery Charger, which was recently homologated for workshop use by BMW. 
Completely customisable via a USB connection, the units deliver outstanding fast charging capabilities for most advanced vehicles. 
The system is rated for charging 12V lead-acid or lithium batteries from 20 to 1,500Ah, with diagnostic support for 12V batteries of vehicles during the diagnostic phase up to 120A.
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