The off-road vehicle accessories specialist is now in Queensland

Hamer 4×4 has expanded its operations with a new location at 26 Strathwyn Street in Brendale replicating the services of its successful Melbourne warehouse and workshop in the Sunshine State.
Hamer 4×4 says the move marks a significant step in bringing top-quality customer service and expert solutions closer to the Queensland market.
The strategic location of the new flagship store, workshop, and distribution centre in Brendale is designed to cater to the automotive needs of off-road enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers while also servicing local 4×4 shops and car dealerships.
“This prime spot ensures convenient access to a comprehensive range of products and expert vehicle services, enhancing the overall off-road experience for Queensland’s thriving 4×4 community,” Hamer 4×4 Marketing Manager, Mark Gelo, said.
Hamer 4×4’s product range includes a wide variety of 4×4 accessories, from vehicle protection and performance enhancements to convenient vehicle-specific accessories.
“With a focus on the Australian market, our brand continually develops new product lines outside of bull bars, rear bars, and underbody protection, enabling enthusiasts to tackle challenging terrains and personalise their vehicles,” Mark said.
Mark reports the expansion into Queensland is being driven by the state’s growing off-road industry and its vibrant community of 4×4 enthusiasts.
“Queensland’s diverse landscape, ranging from rugged terrains to coastal beaches, has fuelled a strong demand for 4×4 vehicles and accessories,” Mark said.
“This explosive surge in demand and the numerous off-road events and gatherings have made Queensland an ideal location for Hamer 4×4’s expansion.
“Despite competition from well-known names in the off-road and broader automotive industry, Hamer 4×4 aims to stand out by providing distinctive products, outstanding customer service, and maintaining higher inventory levels. This strategy is designed to make shipping and pickup more cost-effective.”
The expansion into Queensland offers numerous benefits for Hamer 4×4, including increased market share, growth opportunities, and an expanded customer base.
By establishing a presence in Queensland, Hamer 4×4 can tap into a larger market of off-road enthusiasts, thus enhancing its brand visibility and aligning with its strategic automotive expansion plans.
“Our expansion into Queensland represents a strategic move to cater to a dynamic market driven by a passion for off-road adventures and a commitment to delivering high-quality products and services,” Mark said.
“It also opens new avenues for sales and distribution, allowing us to engage with a broader audience of off-road vehicle owners.
“Our commitment to high-quality products and fostering a community of off-road enthusiasts aligns perfectly with the Queensland market’s demand for rugged exploration and adventure.
“Furthermore, the logistical advantages of the new location will enhance the overall efficiency of our supply chain. The Queensland workshop will serve as a central hub for inventory, reducing delivery times and costs across the dealer network and thereby improving service quality and customer satisfaction.”

For more information, visit www.hamer4x4.com.au