The company has been a manufacturer and global player since 1994

Hamer 4×4 has been distributing front and rear end vehicle protection products such as bull bars, rear bars and side steps in Australia for the last five years.
The company says the sleek and integrated design of Hamer’s accessories range makes its products stand apart from traditional bull bars.
Despite being different in their designs, the range has also been designed to cope with Australia’s rough offroad conditions.
Hamer 4×4 says its products have been gracefully welcomed by 4WD and Overland vehicle owners. It notes that aesthetics combined with functionality seem to be key in the decision-making process these days and states that these areas are something “Hamer has nailed thanks to its talented and inspired engineering team.”
A large proportion of the R&D process is conducted here in Australia to comply and test products to the ADR (Australian Design Rules) Standard, to keep occupants safe and maintain vehicle integrity.
Further, Hamer says it has an extensive vehicle model range, covering the popular 4×4 utes and overland vehicles all the way to small vehicles such as the Suzuki Jimny.
Following its modest start in the country five years ago, supported mainly by a network of dealers, Hamer is now ready to go to the next stage.
The decision has been made to implant the company’s headquarters and distribution centre in Keysborough (Melbourne), seeing it operate as an independent entity and trading as Hamer Offroad Pty Ltd.
Hamer 4×4 has also made a commitment to increase its stock holding, allowing it to respond to rising demand for Hamer products and support its distributor network Australia-wide.
As part of its expansion, Hamer 4×4 recently appointed Pol Golard in the position of Country Manager. Thanks to his valuable 4WD industry experience, Pol will assist Hamer 4×4 with its expansion plans.
Hamer is currently on the lookout for more distributors, especially in regional/rural areas to satisfy customer demands wherever they are located.

If you wish to become a Hamer distributor, call 1300 545 554 or email sales@hamer4x4.com.au