Following hot on the heels of the launch of its TVS Supercharger for the Ram 1500, Harrop is eagerly awaiting the day that the Nissan Titan might land in Australia

“The Titan is an absolute cracker of a truck,” Harrop Engineering General Manager, Heath Moore, said.
“Nissan Australia has expressed a desire to release it down under, and given the popularity of American big dual cab utes and the Nissan brand in Australia we believe it would be a big success.”
Harrop’s US team has a Titan in their fleet, and it has quickly become the go-to due to its versatility, handling and comfort, and of course, performance.
“The Titan has the same 5.6-liter direct-injection V8 as the Y62 Patrol, so we have engineered our hugely popular TVS Supercharger to give the Titan a boost in performance,” Heath explained.
Harrop’s US team sourced a 2019 Pro 4X as the development rig for engineering validation.
Starting with the highly efficient and OEM validated TVS2300 technology, made in the USA by Eaton, the team set about adapting it for use on the 2016 and up Titan range.
“We changed the position of the throttle body, to provide a free-flowing intake path and integrated it neatly with the factory air box,” said Heath.
“The supercharger is positioned prominently on top of the manifold assembly to deliver direct boosted air through the thick tube and fin intercooler into the cylinder heads.”

Harrop’s TVS2300 positive displacement Supercharger delivers 2.3 litres of air per revolution into the Titan’s 5.6 litre V8 and offers unrivalled thermal efficiency and performance as highlighted in back-to-back tests.
Harrop put its completely stock, naturally aspirated Titan on the roller dyno to provide a baseline.
The completely stock 2019 Pro 4X put down 296-wheel horsepower and 310 foot-pounds of torque at 4000rpm peak.
With the new Harrop supercharger fitted, the Titan was strapped back onto the dyno and recalibrated with HP Tuners to put down 398 horsepower and 420-foot pounds of torque at the lower 3000rpm level with a peak boost of just 6psi.
“That’s an impressive 34 percent increase in peak power, and a 44 percent increase in torque achieved lower in the rev range,” said Heath.
“On the road, the Titan comes to life, making it a cracking drive.”
Harrop prides itself on developing supercharger kits that look as if they were OEM factory fitted and the Titan set up is no exception.
All factory accessories, including the air conditioning, are retained, and there is no need for cutting or fabrication to install the TVS2300 supercharger.
“Our fundamental design objective is to achieve OEM levels of finish and vehicle integration,” Heath explained.

Harrop sources the latest intercooler core configuration technology for thermal efficiency from its cooling partners, ADRAD.
The large 36-millimeter core integrated into the manifold with dual-pass flow maximises the heat rejection capabilities, providing cooler dense air to the engine to generate more power and torque.
“The kit’s front mount radiator is made in the USA and features a slimmer louvred fin and tube configuration,” said Heath.
“It features a dual-pass system to effectively support the intercoolers and to reduce inlet air temperature, we supply a large Bosch intercooler pump for the closed air to water circuit, and it’s all connected using moulded hoses.”
Having delivered intercooled boosted air to the cylinder heads, the Titan’s fuel delivery is supported by the factory direct injection fuel system on the VK56VD engine.
“It’s important to remember that the best hardware in the world is only as good as the calibration,” Heath explained.

Harrop’s technical team spent countless hours on the dyno and behind the wheel to ensure the tune is on-point and that it delivers the perfect balance of drivability, durability, and outright performance.
“Having driven the Harrop enhanced Titan, what’s most impressive is how this increase in power and torque translates on the road,” said Heath.
“The first thing you notice is the torque, the Titan now pulls right through the rev range, making for an extremely rewarding drive.”
While it looks the goods, the Harrop equipped Titan is no show pony and the guys at Harrop USA put her to work on a daily basis.
“From vigorous hauling and tow testing, including data logging both on the highway, large hills and city roads, the Titan doesn’t spend much time in the garage, and she hasn’t missed a beat,” Heath remarked.
“We are ready for Nissan Australia to push the go button for Down Under and would quickly add one to our fleet at Harrop HQ.”

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