Two differential upgrades for enthusiasts are now offered by Harrop

Harrop Engineering has taken its mission to deliver industry leading powertrain and driveline products to the Automotive Aftermarket and applied it to the popular Ford PX Ranger platform; creating a suite of performance products for enthusiasts to relish.
Harrop’s engineering and design prowess were recognised by 4×4 Australia when its PX Ranger development vehicle was crowned the inaugural 2016 Custom 4×4 of the Year, as voted by readers.
This achievement and the continued sales performance of the PX Ranger nationally was a key driver for further product development by the Harrop Engineering team.
Fast forwarding to today, Harrop now offers two differential upgrades for enthusiasts with a helical gear design Truetrac LSD and industry leading ELocker.
The Harrop Eaton Truetrac differential operates as a standard or open differential under normal driving conditions, allowing one wheel to spin faster or slower as necessary.
When a wheel encounters a loss of traction or the terrain changes, the gear separation forces take effect and transfer torque to the high-traction wheel.
The helical-shaped gears mesh with increasing force until wheel spin is slowed or completely stopped. When the vehicle exits the low traction situation, the differential resumes normal operation.
Harrop also offers an electromagnetic actuated ELocker, its market leading selectable locking differential for off-road use.
Similar to the Truetrac the ELocker operates as a standard or open differential under normal driving conditions but is switched activated to a fully locked differential, capturing 100 percent of the available torque and sending it equally to both ends of the axle as required.
To complement the differential range, Harrop also supplies Diff Rebuild Kits for customers requiring an overhaul at the time of upgrade.

Further to this, Harrop has recently developed a Charge Air Intercooler Kit for the PX Ranger with a 28 percent larger frontal surface area and 75 percent thicker core than the OEM unit.
This upgrade addresses a known deficiency in the factory plastic tanks which can fail on vehicles with performance upgrades in particular with higher boost applications.
The Harrop Charge Air Intercooler features cast aluminium tanks welded to the core for a robust solution designed to handle the higher boost loads without the fear of cracking the plastic tanks or leaking through the seal area of the plastic tank and aluminium core.
Harrop’s inhouse testing on its Ford PX Ranger development vehicle saw Intercooler temperatures remain constant over extended test cycles, compared to the OEM intercooler which had over a 65 percent increase in temperature (from 33 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees) over a 100 second drive cycle.
Harrop’s Charge Air Intercooler will also be available to suit the range of 2.0L powered Ford Ranger and Raptor models late in 2021.
Harrop Performance and 4WD products are available for order from stockists and dealers across the country.

For more information, please visit www.harrop.com.au or contact the Harrop customer service team on 1300 HARROP.