Ensuring your vehicle’s performance, comfort and safety systems are correctly enabled every time you tow a trailer

With ever-increasing technological and safety functionality being added to new vehicles, manufacturers are using this smart technology to adjust certain features when the vehicle is towing.
These features can and will vary depending upon the manufacturer and model involved but include features such as ‘Blind Spot’ monitors, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Change warnings, Sway Mitigation (VSC/ESC) and engine and transmission mapping affecting gear shift points and power curves.
Fitting a towbar, correct wiring and an electronic control unit (ECU) will not fully activate all the vehicle systems and functionality when a trailer is connected.
The new Hayman Reese SmartCODE system allows the towbar installer to not only install a quality product but also ensure it is correctly recognised by the vehicle via a process called coding.

Why is individual vehicle coding important?
Hayman Reese says certain modern vehicles now require a smart solution. The Coding Process ensures the computer of the vehicle and the electronics in the vehicle are communicating correctly with the trailer module (ECU) and enable all the vehicle designed changes to be initiated when towing.
The key elements to Smart CODE include:
• Hardware – the towbar (physically bolted to the vehicle)
• Wiring kit and trailer module (ECU) – the Hayman Reese and vehicle specific CANbus module.
• Coding – the ‘process’ carried out using the Hayman Reese Smart Code tool which ensures the vehicle recognises it has a correct towbar and wiring package installed and the vehicle specific changes required for towing are activated.
Hayman Reese says SmartCODE is the first “intelligent wiring solution’ that provides a complete aftermarket solution.
“What makes the Smart CODE tool and fitments unique is that for certain vehicles, installing a towbar and the correct CANbus wiring solution is only the start,” Hayman Reese Sales and Marketing Director, Gregor Brown.
“Ensuring the electronics of the tow bar are integrated and coded correctly to the vehicles computer system is critical.
“This means that all the ‘smart and intelligent’ functionality the vehicle has been designed with for when it tows has been activated.
“Only Hayman Reese customers using the Hayman Reese SmartCODE solution can deliver this in the aftermarket.”
The SmartCODE coding process is done by the SmartCODE handheld device. The device contains vehicle specific data and validated software to program or Code the vehicle to correctly recognise that the trailer module (ECU) is installed. This allows the vehicle’s embedded features to be seamlessly engaged when towing.

(Note: Hayman Reese offer SmartCODE for vehicles which need the solution).

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