MAHA offers the MAHA MLT3000 Digital Headlight Testing System to the market

New LED headlights work together with adaptive cruise control to allow drivers to leave the high beam on and let the vehicle ECU take care of dipping the lights on the sectors where other vehicles are detected.
MAHA explains that because these new LED headlights are much brighter than incandescent globes, you can only use a specific digital headlight tester on these new lights. Further, because they are so bright, if these headlights are not adjusted correctly the blinding time is much longer than incandescent globes on high beam, which can be a major safety hazard.
To test these headlight systems and ensure they are working correctly, MAHA explains that a modern digital headlight testing system is required and that the VW Touareg, Audi Matrix and Bentley headlights can in fact only be tested on the MAHA MLT3000 System.
The MAHA MLT3000 conducts its assessment by using a camera-based measurement system and can supply a headline angle result assessment via electronic analysis, with a graphical output of the measurement results displayed on the tester display. Measurement results can be transferred to the MAHA test lane and stored to a PC via cable, Bluetooth or WLAN.
MAHA says the MLT3000 system is the only VAG Approved headlight tester and is used by almost every Audi, Bentley and Volkswagen Dealership around Australia and New Zealand with the benefits of local support directly from factory trained technicians in MAHA Australia and New Zealand. It can test not only these modern headlight systems but also a wide array of new lighting systems such as dynamic light assist, motorway lights and so on.

Key features:
• Quick and accurate testing of the headlight adjustment
• Digital device for quick and objective testing and adjustment of vehicle headlights, taking into account statutory limits and OEM guidelines
• User-friendly menu operation via graphical LCD display
• ‘Standalone’ version with PC connectivity
• Electronic levelling system to compensate for unevenness in the floor
• High dynamic range CMOS camera for capturing and digitising the headlight projection
• Powerful battery for cable-free long-term use
• Automatic latching of the light collecting box to the precision aluminium guide column
• Extremely thin Fresnel lens increases measurement accuracy significantly
• Anodised heat deflection sheet to prevent overheating even without use of the device covering hood

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