Schumacher’s DSR Heavy Duty range boasts four models

After five years in the Australian market, Schumacher Asia Pacific says it is well and truly established as a supplier of high quality and competitively priced battery chargers and jump starter products for the Automotive Aftermarket industry.
As it continues to grow, it says it is collaboratively working with its customers to understand their needs so it can jointly develop new products to meet market demands.
As a global company with its own engineering and manufacturing facilities spread across the globe, Schumacher Asia Pacific says it is able to review Schumacher’s’ existing product range sold in other global markets to help meet Australian customer requirements.
In 2018, Schumacher Electric purchased Italian Battery Charger Company, Electromem, which for more than 40 years has specialised in the production of battery chargers and jump starters in its facilities in Italy.
Schumacher Asia Pacific says it is proud to introduce its new heavy-duty range of bench top and wheeled battery charger starters for the Automotive, Commercial, Agricultural, Mining and Industrial market segments.
It explains these products were designed by its Italian engineers and manufactured in the Electromem facility in Crespano del Grappa, Italy, using the highest quality components and stringent quality control processes.
There are four models in the DSR Heavy Duty range: two bench top chargers and two wheeled versions.
All units are suitable for charging 12- and 24-Volt batteries from four to 700 A/H, with battery chemistry type easily selectable.
The charge currents range from a powerful 30 amps to 70 amps in both 12- and 24-Volt modes. Each unit is equipped with a boost start function ranging from 300 to 650 A maximum. There is also a power supply function that can be used by technicians as a reliable source for constant voltage as required.
The DSR Heavy Duty range boasts robust and durable construction and are said to be assembled with the best quality components available in Europe.
Schumacher Asia Pacific says they use a powerful transformer to achieve the high current required, with a modern and easy to use digital control panel.
Also featured are high quality cables and heavy duty cast brass clamps, which with a 45-degree shape are reportedly “a game changer” when attempting to charge batteries which are still mounted in vehicles. When charging in manual mode the current can be easily adjusted using the precise potentiometer adjuster.
With a two-year warranty for professional use, Schumacher Asia Pacific says the DSR Heavy Duty Battery Charger and Starter is an ideal choice for your heavy duty and intense battery charging requirements.

For more information, visit www.schumacherchargers.com.au