Compact size LED work lamp developed specifically for heavy duty applications with Thermo Pro plastic housing and powerful light output

The compact HELLA RokLUME 190 TP is an ideal LED work light that combines a powerful light output with a practical design.
The work light is designed so that it can be used anywhere thanks to its compact dimensions.
The innovative rectangular styling with lightweight corrosion proof thermally conductive plastic housing also features cooling fins, which ensure the required heat dissipation from the high-power LEDs. Together with weight reduction, the new material also offers the advantage of complete corrosion resistance.
The light output from the six high-power LEDs is an impressive 1850 Lumen.
The light is distributed by a specially developed multi-faceted reflector, thus ensuring homogenous illumination. Models with varying cover lenses lend themselves either for close-range or long-range illumination, as required.
Additional value to the operators is the energy consumption with just 26 Watts of power. Because of such low energy consumption, the HELLA RokLUME 190 TP is ideal for use in vehicles powered by batteries and in those where there are already significant demands on the alternator. The multivolt electronics of this headlamp are designed for vehicles with vehicle electric system voltage of 12 and 24 Volt.
With a colour temperature of 5,000 Kelvin, the light from the LED work light is very similar to daylight. This helps to distinguish colours more easily in the dark and makes sensory perception through the human eyes much easier. In turn, this prevents the eyes from tiring quickly during work at night.
The integrated electronics protect the device in the event of polarity inversion and guarantee constant brightness, even when operating voltage fluctuates between 10.5 and 32 Volts DC.
In addition temperature sensors protect the work light from overheating. Only in this way can the long service life of the LEDs and a safe working environment at night be guaranteed.

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