From Bilstein

Since the development of the first mono-tube gas-pressure shock absorber in 1957, Bilstein says it has worked closely with vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and BMW.
Today, the company offers an interesting range of special OE replacement shock absorbers and complete suspension kits for a variety of car brands and models, for tuning and performance purposes.
“Better than the original” is the motto for the Bilstein B6, which the company says perfectly summarises its properties.
It says this gas-pressure shock absorber is the ideal upgrade for those who do not want to compromise on comfort and performance and want to leave the look of their car untouched.
The B6’s length corresponds to the OE damper, whereby it harmonises well with the original springs of the car creating a balanced ride – providing an optimal blend of ride comfort, sportiness and safety that masters even extreme situations confidently, says Bilstein. Further, the setup of each Bilstein B6 has been “composed” individually by Bilstein‘s own ride and handling department
Bilstein says its B8 shock absorber achieves the same performance as the B6, but is optimised for use with shortened springs, as it is important to optimally adapt the travel height of the shock absorbers corresponding to the springs.

Not only can aftermarket springs benefit from the B8, but Bilstein says standard sport springs also gain in performance through the use of Bilstein B8 shocks.
Bilstein not only offers individual shock absorbers, but also complete sport suspension kits. It starts with the conventional Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit or the more extreme version Bilstein B12 Sportline. The coilovers Bilstein B14, B16 and Clubsport also offer the possibility to adjust a customised height.
In addition to the features of the B14 entry-level model, the B16 offers a mechanical parallel adjustment of rebound and compression via an adjustment wheel with ten distinct clicks. If you like to bring your car to the race track, Bilstein says its Clubsport is your choice, stating that the high-tech coilover kit offers fall-adjustable uniball support bearings as well as a separate adjustment of rebound and compression with a total of 100 adjustment variants possible.

For more information, visit www.bilstein.com