High Performance Diesel specialises in performance upgrades for diesel drivers

With the continuing rise in popularity of SUVs and 4WDs, there are more diesel-powered vehicles on our roads than ever before.
Modern technology has improved the performance of diesel powerplants, but many drivers want more power and torque from their diesels for towing, off-roading and all-round driveability.
High Performance Diesel (HPD) says this is where it comes in.
HPD is an Australian manufacturer specialising in performance upgrades for diesel vehicles; designing and manufacturing a wide range of products including turbo upgrades, intercoolers, transmission coolers, catch cans and more which reportedly deliver substantial improvements over OEM systems.
HPD’s turbo kits include upgrades for OEM turbos as well as kits designed to enhance naturally aspirated vehicles such as Nissan TD42 and Toyota 1HZ-powered models.
The kits feature braided oil and water lines, custom manufactured dump pipes, improved air intakes and CNC-machined adaptor flanges; all designed for high flow and OEM reliability.
A range of turbocharger options are available, beginning with the proven Garrett GT2860R. Higher power outputs can be achieved with the optional GTX2860 GEN ii and GTX2867 GEN ii turbochargers, with 200kW at the wheels a realistic target with the right supporting modifications.
HPD says supporting modifications include its intercooler range, which offers improved airflow, delivering more cool air for combustion and allowing for increased outputs while keeping inlet and exhaust temperatures down, increasing efficiency and engine longevity.
Turbo kits and intercooler kits can be ordered individually, or HPD staff can help create packages including turbo, intercooler, boost control and fuel system upgrades to suit individual customer requirements.
With a variety of top and front-mount intercoolers to choose from, combined with turbo choice and other modifications, HPD says there is an option to suit every driver; stating that from the daily driver to extreme off-roader, HPD can tailor a comprehensive package to suit the end user’s needs and budget.
HPD kits are said to be well-known for including everything needed to complete the installation, in most cases with little or no modification required to the vehicle.
Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia, HPD performance products are supported by a twelve-month warranty and comprehensive technical support from the factory.

Kits can be purchased online at www.hpdiesel.com.au or contact HPD on 08 8299 0320 to discuss a package to suit your requirements.