From Mister Hitches

All Mister Hitches hitch pins are made from S235JR/Q235B carbon steel.
The Tensile strength is 375MPa and yield strength is 235MPa, which Mister Hitches explains is equivalent to a grade 4.6 bolt or dowel pin which has a ‘Single Shear strength’ of 50Kn (5,099kg) and a ‘Double shear strength’ of 100Kn (10,197kg). It states that when the pin is use in a tow bar hitch receiver situation, the “Double Shear” value applies.
Mister Hitches says its team has put together what is considered as one of the best Hitch Pin programs on the Australian Market.
The range consists of hitch locking and standard pins in both long and standard useable lengths, Anti-Rattle hitch pin locks, ‘Keyed Alike’ hitch pin locks, coupling padlocks, R-clips and more.
All Mister Hitches locking hitch pins also boast Mister Hitches’ exclusive ‘Push to Lock’ security function which allows the user to lock the head onto the pin without the need of the key.

The range includes:

  • MHPL2 locking hitch pin – dog bone style, 70mm useable length
  • MHARHP anti-rattle locking hitch pin – 70mm useable length
  • MHPL8 locking hitch pin – long “j” style, 95mm useable length
  • MHPL6 locking hitch pin – long style, double security electro-coat finish, 66/80/100mm useable lengths with r-clip push to lock function
  • MHPL2-2 locking hitch pin set of two “keyed alike” dog bone style – 70mm useable length
  • MHPL5 locking hitch pin – dog bone style, 79mm useable length
  • MHPH4B “quick fit” hitch – pin style, 95mm useable length
  • MHP3 hitch pin – long style, 65/80mm useable lengths, 10,000kg double shear
  • MHTPCL treg pin and coupler pin lock – use with treg/trigg poly block pins and snap on couplings. gold zinc plated
  • MHRC-3 – three pack of comfort grip hitch pin “r” clips zinc plated with soft vinyl grip

For more information, visit www.misterhitches.com.au